Terms and Conditions - TU/e Alumni Community portal

Last review date November 5th 2020

Term of use

TU/e alumni community portal is a network for alumni and relations from the TU/e office for Alumni Relations and Universiteitsfonds Eindhoven. It is also open to those who conduct research at TU/e, to TU/e students and staff. TU/e alumni community portal is a digital space for alumni, students and staff to connect and engage in various activities such as mentoring programs, micro-volunteering opportunities, finding or publishing degree projects or full time positions.

The platform is operated by Aluminati Network Group Ltd ("Aluminati") on behalf of TU/e. Aluminati will process personal data strictly for the purposes of operating this service. Aluminati is registered with the Information Commissioner under membership number Z8393842. Aluminati are a trusted third party partner of TU/e and contractually bound to provide this service to TU/e and our alumni, students and staff.

Your personal details

To enable us to offer this service some of your personal information will be stored in the TU/e Alumni Office customer relation database. Both TU/e and Aluminati handle your personal information responsibly and in accordance with GDPR.

Your personal number

Your personal registration number will not be visible to other users. It is included in the registration process in order for TU/e to be able to identify user's connection to the University so that we can avoid unauthorised access into the platform.

Code of ethics

TU/e requires that all members of TU/e alumni community portal follow customary web-ethics. TU/e Alumni Office will remove any insulting or discriminatory content and exclude members who do not follow these guidelines or abuse the site in any other way.