Data protection statement for TU/e alumni

This privacy statement was last amended on 31 May 2019.

This statement describes the purposes for which Eindhoven University of Technology ("the university", "TU/e", "we" or "our") is informed about how we handle and use the personal data we collect about the alumni we manage ("you" and "your").

We like to stay in touch with you to keep you informed of, and involved in, our activities and developments and to see where we could support each other in a reciprocal relationship.

We make every effort to protect your personal data and to be transparent about what information we process about you. TU/e also has a general privacy statement which states how TU/e handles your data. This can be found at

What personal data of alumni are processed by TU/e?
Once you have obtained an academic degree from us, we will have your personal data at our disposal. We are legally obliged to retain some of this information, for example in order to be able to prove that you have obtained a diploma/degree from us. We keep other information in order to be able to stay in contact with you. We use the following data for this purpose:
• The study program you are following or have followed and the date on which you obtained your degree.
• Unique personal identification and biographical information (e.g. student number, date of birth, gender)
• Your contact details (name, phone number, email address, language preference); we update these each time you let us know that they have changed)
• details of your interactions with the university, including:
o your possible membership of study or alumni associations
o your presence at university events, as far as it is recorded
o other contact with us or our partners
o your possible relations with other alumni or donors of the university
• the name of your partner or spouse, if any
• your communication preferences, to help us provide you with tailored and relevant communication
• video/audio

We also register, where applicable:
• financial information about you:
o your history of donations to the university
o your IBAN number in the case of periodic donations by direct debit
• your willingness to contribute as a volunteer
• data about your career and other life experiences
• information about your areas of interest and social activities
How do we get your data?
We receive your data from various sources. An important part of the information we have about alumni is the information you provide to us yourself (for example, you can provide us with information by completing forms on the university's website or by telephone, e-mail or other correspondence with us). If you are a student or studied at the university, some of your personal data will be transferred from your student file to the university's alumni database.

We enrich the data we have from the university with data from our partners (see section 'When TU/e shares your data with others (our partners)') and publicly available data.

We use targeted internet searches to obtain and maintain the accuracy of the above information:

• Online and offline public resources for businesses.
• Online and offline public resources for individuals.
• Press sources: national and regional newspapers, radio, TV, news sites
How your data is used by TU/e
We have a legitimate interest in processing this information: maintaining contact with (potential) benefactors. We like to stay in contact with you as a (potential) benefactor, to keep you informed about new activities, events at our university and developments. We do this in writing, orally and/or digitally.

Your information is used by us for a number of interdependent activities to support the maintenance of benefactor relationships. These include, but are not limited to:

• Sending publications (e.g. benefactor magazines and updates on the fund);
• Conducting surveys;
• Sending customized requests for donations;
• Inviting benefactors and other university events;
• Internal administration, including the management of any feedback or complaints;
• Administrative purposes (e.g. to process a donation or to manage an event that you have signed up for or that you have visited).

Sending digital newsletters. Digital newsletters (by e-mail) will be sent to you pursuant to Article 11.7(3) of the Telecommunications Act. You can click on the unsubscribe link of an e-mail at any time. In addition, we indicate in each physical newsletter how you can unsubscribe from receiving such mail.

Data analysis. We may use automated or manual analytics to link data to help us identify your opportunities for fund support, provide you with an enhanced experience, send you relevant and timely information, and identify opportunities. These are both to support you and to prevent you from being approached unnecessarily.

Objection data processing. If you do not agree with the processing of your personal data, you can object to this. We also respect your request if you wish to stop the processing of your data. Your legal rights are set out below. The exercise of your rights is independent of unsubscribing to newsletters.

When TU/e shares your data with others (our partners)
We share the above categories of data with Alumni relations/Fundraising Development ("FD") within TU/e and Stichting Universiteitsfonds Eindhoven ("UFe"), which promotes the mission of the university by providing expertise in fundraising and alumni relations. Data sharing with UFe is governed by a Data Protection Covenant that complies with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Furthermore, we do not disclose your personal data to other companies or institutions, unless this is necessary for the performance of our public duties or if we are legally obliged to do so (for example, if the police require this in the event of a suspicion of a crime, or because the accountant requires this in the alumni administration).

TU/e does share data on a deliberate and confidential basis, where applicable, with:

• affiliated organizations that support alumni and donors, such as:
o Study associations
o Alumni associations
o Alumni circles

How we protect your data
We ensure that we have data exchange agreements, which are in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, before we share your personal data.

We do not sell your personal information to third parties under any circumstances and do not allow third parties to sell the information we have shared with them.
We take security measures to limit misuse of and unauthorized access to personal data. Only the necessary persons have access to your data. Access to the data is protected and our security measures are supervised by the Data Protection Officer of Eindhoven University of Technology. In addition, we use secure connections for the secure transmission of your data and communications.

Your rights
You have the following rights for which you can submit a request to us:

• access to the personal data that we process from you;
• correction of errors;
• removal of outdated personal data;
• withdrawal of permission to receive communications.

If you submit a request, please state clearly who you are. This prevents us from correcting or deleting information about the wrong person. We may also ask you to identify yourself in order to establish that we are dealing with the legitimate person. We will respond to your request within the statutory period of four weeks.

Where you exercise your right to delete data, we will continue to maintain a core of personal information (name, education and graduation details, unique identification number and date of birth) to ensure that we do not inadvertently contact you in the future.
We are also required - if applicable - to retain certain financial information about you for legal purposes (e.g. donations or gifts, anti-fraud and accounting) for the duration of the statutory periods.

The point of contact for privacy within TU/e is the privacy team. They are available for all your questions and/or complaints via In addition, TU/e has appointed a Data Protection Officer. Information for the Data Protection Officer of Eindhoven University of Technology can be found here: Pursuant to the privacy legislation, you also have the right to submit a complaint to the national supervisory authority, the Personal Data Authority.

We always handle your personal information in a safe way and minimize its use.

Storage periods
We keep the personal details of benefactors for an indefinite period of time because of your lifelong relationship with the fund. Personal data for which a statutory retention period applies will be deleted at the moment that this retention period expires. If you wish to exercise your right to be forgotten, we will remove your contact details from our records and, if possible, anonymize them. However, we do retain information that is required by law (e.g. financial information after donation).
See also "your rights."

Changes to this privacy statement
If our working method changes, we will also amend this privacy statement. The most recent version is indicated at the top of the statement. We will inform you by e-mail if we think it is important for you to be informed of a change.